We get it done: Build, Test, Learn.

Data 🀜 Assumptions

Assumptions are important at the beginning. But we prefer to work with data. Data comes from testing and that's why our approach is:
Test balloon πŸ‘‰ Evaluation πŸ‘‰ Decision

1. Test balloon

Together we develop a first thumb story. We'll learn how your organisation works and you'll find out what it's like to work with us.


2. Analysis

After the balloon is in the air, it's time to look at the data. We evaluate what went well and derive learnings that we summarise for you.

High Five

3. Decision

It is up to you to decide whether we work towards a goal-oriented social media strategy. The test data form a solid foundation for making the right decision.



We don't want you to depend on us. We want you to do it yourself - as quickly as possible.


Let's chat!

We are curious about what you think. Criticism, exchange of ideas or informal coffee chat - we’re in!

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