That's why thumb stories will also work for you.

Social media with a strategy

Thumb stories focus your social media strategy back on the actual goal: the conversion of the user.
Content creation, distribution, performance ads and analytics are all geared towards this goal. The result is a goal-oriented, scalable social media strategy that justifies the investment within your organisation.

This is how it works

Address strangers, engage interested people, inspire supporters and reach out to new strangers via multipliers.


Tell stories online that connect

Reach your target group - online. Tell the story where the user's attention lies: On their smartphone.


Intuitive Navigation

We keep it simple: by having a low usage threshold, you reach more people.


Interactive elements

Playful features get the reader active and deeper into the story. Micro-commitments increase the conversion rate.


Compatible on all devices

No download, no installation, just a link click away: thumb stories are compatible on all devices.


Engage users

Visual effects make an impact on the reader within the first few seconds - and thus increase the interaction time.


Independent of the big platforms

thumb stories use the strengths of the major platforms without becoming dependent on them. Additionally, you can reach people who do not have social media accounts.


Conversion optimisation

Conversion as the key point of the story. By smartly integrating the call-to-action with the story, more readers take action.


On paper, it sounds good...

Any strategy depends on its implementation. We developed thumb stories to meet the needs of nonprofits:


All on board

We keep things simple so that everyone in your organisation is on the same page.



We don't have a magic bullet (yet), but we do have a clear objective: ROI+.



We analyse anonymised performance data to optimise your social media performance.



Existing content can be recombined, deepened or retold, which keeps costs low.



We compile robust data to support decisions on which target groups can be reached in a cost-efficient way.

Keeping your goals in focus

Raise awareness, engage supporters and attract new donors: thumb stories have multiple applications.


thumb storiesWe keep it simple.

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